Marina Santa Eulalia celebrates the first edition of its Art Fair in July.

Since this past Monday 2nd of July, the Art Fair in Marina Sta. Eulalia has started.

This first edition consists of a market of 12 artisan stalls that will be exposed every night from 8pm to 11pm in order to promote the island's artisanal culture and offer a unique and quality experience to visitors visiting the Marina.

In addition, the Marina is pleased to have the collaboration of the prestigious P | Art Gallery exposing 4 sculptures of its famous "Podencos", made by Andreu Moreno and performed by the Italian artist Guido Daniele, Aghata Ruiz de la Prada and Andreu Moreno himself with a white one, to appreciate the detail of the work. All of them will be presented in Marina Santa Eulalia, after having toured through all the island's villages for a whole year, in this collective exhibition entitled "Art on the Street" and which can be seen until July 31 at the Port facilities.

All this, accompanied by the fabulous animation and live music of local artists who will be performing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9pm to 11pm to make a magical evening.

Santa Eulalia, July 6, 2018