XXVII Duatlò de Sant Eulària

This Sunday, February 24, between 9:15 and 12:00 in the morning will be played the XXVII Duathlon of Sant Eulària organized by the Triathlon Santa Eulària Club and Ibiza Blue Challenge and that has the main sponsorship of the City Council of Santa Eulària and the important collaboration of Marina Santa Eulalia. This test is the oldest of Ibiza’s specialty and consists of an initial stretch of running on foot which follows the cycling segment and ends again with a race on foot.

The race is held for the first time in a completely renovated circuit with the main axis, where the pit and finish area is located on the pedestrian promenade of Marina Santa Eulalia. The circuits are totally urban and the duathletes will give more or less rounds depending on the distance in which they compete.

The Duathlon of Santa Eulària also includes in this edition two differentiated races at following categories and that will be with the following scheme:

SPRINT DISTANCE: 5KM RACE (4 laps) / 20 KM BIKE (6 laps) / 2.5KM CAREER (2 laps)
CATEGORIES SPRINT TEST: ABSOLUTE, SUB 23 (20 to 23 years old), VET 1 (40 to 49 years old), VET 2 (50 to 59 years old), VET 3 (60y +60)
-Obligatory road bike

SUPER SPRINT DISTANCE: 2.2KM RACE (2 laps) / 9KM BIKE (3 laps) / 1.2KM CAREER (1 lap)
CATEGORIES SUPER SPRINT TEST: ALEVÍN (11/12 years), CHILDREN (13/14 years), CADETE (15 to 17 years), JUNIOR (18/19 years), POPULAR (+20) (promotional category for all ages that do not enter the rest of the categories that have the super sprint test and that refers to all those over 19).

-Possibility to participate with btt bike.

Registrations are open online to federated and non-federated athletes who want to try the duathlon in the most popular of the races and can register online in this link of the platform sportmaniacs: https://bit.ly/2tuIKIg. The organization will close inscriptions on February 22 at 10:00 a.m.